Media Readiness

Different kinds of microphones

Getting the most out of your media engagements means being ready. The media game is simple, but without an understanding of how the game is played, you will play defense instead of offense. No matter how intelligent and how many years of experience your subject matter experts have, they cannot wing it and expect to succeed.

I have successfully prepared senior executives and top military leaders for encounters with the media for decades.

My approach is to

  • Work with the organization to understand the industry, position in the industry, your story and supporting messages
  • Identify primary and secondary audiences
  • Find out what action we want the audience to take (i.e. what success looks like)
  • Identify the worst questions you could be asked
  • Find out what the reporter has written on the topic as well as other news stories on the topic
  • Provide skill training tailored to the subject matter expert’s experience level
  • Do mock interviews in the style of the proposed interview
  • Refine messages after mock interview

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